Proprietary knowledge, unique technology.
And the world’s most efficient bioreactor.


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Changing the world — our process

We begin simply, with food industry side streams. These are nearly limitless in scope. Current estimates put the amount of available raw material at some 90 million tonnes/year — in the EU alone.

The side streams enter our production facilities. Here, the black soldier fly does what it knows best. We know how to farm them and through the right mix of proprietary technology as well as smartly chosen existing technology, we enable the mass scale production of ultra high-grade protein meal, oil and organic fertilizer.

The world’s most efficient bioreactor

Our dream of becoming the leading upcycling platform for food industry side streams wouldn’t be possible without the World’s original bioreactor. The black soldier fly, or BSF.


We have analyzed the potential of several species and strains and selected the most optimal for industrial rearing purposes. Out of the 5.5 million insect species on our planet, the black soldier fly is among the most efficient for conversion of organic biomass — upcycling nutrients back to the food chain as high-quality ingredients.


With 17 different enzymes in their belly (we humans have only 8) the BSF is an amazing biomaterial converter. It can digest food wastes and organic materials more efficiently than any other known species of fly. It can increase their weight fivefold in a single day. Most amazingly, it is fully grown in just 14 days. In the wild, these flies don't spread contaminants or spoil edibles.


At Volare, the BSF feeds on food industry side streams and grows, producing a mix of protein and oil. The final amino acid composition is balanced for animal feed purposes, and the oil is rich in lauric acid, which makes it an excellent replacement for palm kernel and coconut oil.

What we bring to the mix is our proprietary industrial scale process that creates no new side streams. That’s upcycling and circular economy in action.

Combining the superpowers of Nature
with cutting edge technology.

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Proprietary technological solutions

Volare's technology is unique. Years of research and development into insect-related technologies preceded the company's founding as an independent entity. Upon spinning off of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, we became the owners of all the insect-related technologies that had been developed.


Volare's R&D process never stops. Based on an ethos of continuous improvement, we constantly develop, seek out, test and evaluate new methods and technologies.

Continuous improvement is in our DNA, an integral part of our culture and the way we work with our customers, from piloting to production.

Different by nature

What sets Volare apart are the energy efficiency of our operations, our low emissions compared to competition and our ability to produce very high quality products.

All of them are based on meticulous research and an unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

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