Solving the Global Food System

Refining food industry side streams into sustainable protein, oil and fertilizers.

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Fully circular protein, oil and fertilizer ingredients

Volare produces top-grade ingredients for aquafeeds, pet food, agriculture and oleochemical uses. Our products are natural, easily digestible and sustainable.

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Reducing the environmental burden of the food system

Volare upcycles food industry side streams into protein, oil and fertilizer so that nothing goes to waste. We are on an ambitious journey to reduce the environmental impact of the food system. We are not a pipedream. We have already started to change the food industry with our partners.

Our impact

High-quality ingredients for feed, pet food, agricultural and oleochemical applications. Fully automated and industrial in scale.

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Fearless technology for fearsome problems

We combine nature’s superpowers with cutting edge technology. Leveraging the World’s original bioreactor, the black soldier fly, we can upcycle nutrients that would otherwise be wasted. Our technology makes us unique in our sustainability and efficiency.

Our technology

Solving the global food system.
From one fly to scale.

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From research to an impactful business

The founders met while developing an ultra efficient way to keep nutrients in the food chain – with the help of the black soldier fly.

One thing led to another and we spun off from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

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