Sophisticated automation of an organic process. Industrial drop-in products.

High-quality ingredients, for the industrial scale.

Real impact is achieved through industrial scale. We understand the complex needs of highly demanding customer use cases, and we never settle for anything but the best quality. This is what we do best.

High automation levels ensure that we can operate efficiently, but never compromise on safety. With team of expertise in biology, engineering, chemistry and plant operations, we produce Nordic protein ingredients for the circular economy.

Our industrial scale plant can feed 4.75 million salmon in a year.

Redefining the circularity of food

The world population is estimated to be 10 billion by 2050, and with the current methods we’ll not be able to feed the whole population - new technologies are needed.

We create protein and lipids that replace unsustainably produced ones in the food chain - like the ones of palm oil, soy and fishmeal. And we do this with emissions that are a fraction of those of the current status quo.