News / 12 June 2023

Volare on MTV Uutiset: Finnish company aiming for the European markets with its insects: The black soldier fly turns waste into the raw ingredient of new products

Finnish news outlet MTV Uutiset visited Volare’s demonstration facility to learn more about our technology, process and how we’re changing the food industry.

MTV news logo on top of an image of food waste

With the food industry producing about 90 million tons of waste annually just within the EU, journalist Päivi Mäki-Petäjä asked our CEO Tuure Parviainen how Volare is planning to keep that in circulation. He explained the efficiency of the black soldier fly:

“The black soldier fly is phenomenal in changing organic side streams into a new form. After that we create protein powder, oil and fertilizers.”

The protein is used in pet food or aquafeeds, the fertilizer can be used in farming while the oil can be made into soap, among other things. Tuure also shared an update about our upcoming commercial scale facility.

“The facility will take our business into a commercial scale. It will produce about 5.000 tons of our protein and oil products. We’ll start building it this year and it will be about two years until the facility is ready.”

Read the full article by Päivi Mäki-Petäjä on MTV Uutiset (in Finnish).