News / 03 May 2023

Volare on Forbes: Why The Race Is On To Find Sustainable Alternatives To Protein

Volare CEO and co-founder Tuure Parviainen was interviewed by Forbes about the future of the insect-based protein sector.

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the agriculture sector is responsible for 10% of the total greenhouse gases emitted in the United States in 2019. This means that moving to plant-based or alternative sources of protein might help reduce those carbon emissions. And these alternative sources have many roles, from plant-based consumer products to animal and fish-feed.

Journalist Jamie Hailstone interviewed Volare's CEO and co-founder Tuure Parviainen on the future of insect-based protein sector and writes:

"The insect-based protein sector is poised for 'significant growth'. Parviainen added government incentives and regulatory support will further catalyze industry expansion, while collaboration with research institutions, stakeholders, and investors will facilitate the development of large-scale factories."

Read the full article by Jamie Hailstone on Forbes.