News / 15 February 2022

Volare CEO in WIRED on meeting the growing demand for sustainable protein

WIRED recently wrote an article on how faster-growing, fatter critters could provide the protein needed to raise more climate-friendly livestock and pets. Volare CEO Tuure Parviainen shared his views on the market for insect protein for the article.

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The article opens up ways in which the insect production can become more efficient to meet the growing demand.

Volare's CEO Tuure Parviainen talks about the situation:

“The demand (for insect ingredients) is there, but the production needs to be taken to quite a large scale for the big (pet food and feed) producers to actually start making a product,” CEO of Volare, Tuure Parviainen says. This is just as true for pet food as it is for poultry: The volumes are so huge that big manufacturers aren’t quite ready to go all-in on insects. “The supply is not really there so that they could flip a switch and change ingredients yet,” says Parviainen.

Volare will start building its first industrial scale plant in 2023, which is the first step to increasing the volumes in the Nordics.

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