Partner blog post / 17 February 2022

Paulig Group and Volare start collaboration

Paulig Group and Volare have started collaboration. The first steps have already been taken and there are exciting new topics on the planning table too. Read about the collaboration in Paulig's blog post by Science and Innovation Manager, Kalle Riihinen.

Paulig and Volare logos on a green and orange background

"In 2050, we’re estimated to be 10 billion people on this planet, but the global food systems are already struggling. We need to change how we’re doing things. Together with my team at R&D and the Finnish start-up Volare, we have used waste (production side-stream) from our tortilla production in a pilot to explore if it can be upcycled into high-quality protein and lipid ingredients. Our helper? The black soldier fly. And cutting-edge technology.


Read the full blog post in Paulig's blog