News / 14 January 2022

Myllyn Paras and Volare start collaboration

Millions of kilograms of oat hull and leftover dough from the Myllyn Paras factories are currently turned into biogas or energy. In the future the nutrients are rescued and used as raw ingredients for Volare insect protein and lipid ingredients.

Volare insect protein powder in a petri dish with Myllyn Paras and Volare logos

Nutrients from leftover oat hull and dough will live on as protein and lipid ingredients for pet food and fish feed

Volare is a deep technology company that utilizes side streams in a new way. The company grows black soldier fly larvae at its demonstration facility at Hyvinkää and produces protein powder for pet foods and fish feed. The larvae grow on food industry side streams that would otherwise be wasted or turned into energy. In the future a part of Myllyn Paras’ oat hull and leftover dough are used as raw material for the ultra-sustainable protein ingredients of Volare, as the companies start a collaboration in spring 2022.

“At Myllyn Paras we are constantly searching for new ways of utilizing biowaste and avoiding it. I got really excited about Volare's idea of circularity on many levels. The nutrients in the leftover dough and oat hull are captured and can be used once more instead of burning them. In a circular economy, burning material for energy should be the very last round." says Miska Kuusela, CEO of Myllyn Paras.

Myllyn Paras produces about five million kilograms of leftover oat hulls yearly. The company has previously utilized the side streams in heat production.

“Utilizing the biowaste is a step towards sustainability as the nutrients can be recovered and less farming land is needed. The majority of climate impacts of food production is caused by the primary production, meaning farming of animals and growing crops. Also, the majority of farming land and crops are currently used to feed livestock. This has got to change”, Kuusela says.

Volare aims to build the first commercial scale plant in 2023

Volare helps the food industry become more sustainable by recovering nutrients from side streams that would otherwise be wasted. Currently the company operates a demonstration plant, builds partnerships and searches for funding for the first commercial scale plant. Building the plant will start in 2023.

“The world needs novel sustainable solutions, since the traditional way of thinking about the environment and business as opposites is outdated. The change is already visible on a large scale, as many of the food companies have announced that in 2050 their production doesn’t cause any emissions. Sustainability has become a requirement in business.” says Volare Founder and CEO, Tuure Parviainen.

Volare’s insect protein can be used in pet foods and different animal feeds. It can replace for instance fish meal and soy, which have severe adverse environmental impacts. The demand is already there - in Europe alone the need for fish feed is 1,1 million tons yearly. The protein powder has been shown to have a positive impact on animal health.

“There is convincing evidence that the black soldier fly has positive impacts on the animal gut health, they are highly digestible and may even prevent pathogens”, says Parviainen.