Press release / 17 January 2024

Fish feed supplier Skretting acquires significant share of Volare's upcoming factory volume

Skretting, a global leader in aquafeed solutions, and Volare, a Finnish insect ingredient producer, have agreed on a commercial collaboration where Skretting has secured a substantial capacity in Volare's forthcoming industrial factory in Finland for their Norwegian salmon feeds.

Volare and Skretting collaboration

Volare's insect-based products offer an environmentally friendly solution to the evolving needs of aquafeeds, aligning with Skretting's ambitious sustainability targets. By incorporating insect protein from Volare, Skretting aims to further enhance the sustainability and nutritional value of its aquafeed products, contributing to a more resilient seafood industry.

Nordic insect meal for sustainable aquaculture

Given that around 75 percent of the salmon farming carbon footprint arises from feed, and 95 percent of the feed footprint originates from raw materials, partnerships are essential for industry-wide change. Skretting is committed to ambitious targets on increasing the share of novel sustainable ingredients in its feeds, and the collaboration with Volare contributes to fulfil the Norwegian government’s newly set sustainability goals for the feed sector.

Volare's innovative technology ensures low energy consumption, eliminates the need for fossil fuels, and produces zero wastewater, further enhancing the sustainability of the collaboration. Volare’s ingredient will reduce the CO2 emissions and reliance on wild fish in aquaculture.

Commitment to novel ingredients

"We are constantly looking for novel sustainable raw materials, and this is a welcomed addition to our current supply of insect meal. We need more volume, and this new Nordic supplier and their work to scale up the industrial production of ingredients is good for our industry. We are looking forward to the collaboration with Volare and their focus on sustainable and high-quality products. This aligns perfectly with our values and goals", says Erling Johansen, purchasing manager for special ingredients at Skretting Norway.

The collaboration leverages the advantages of a Nordic partnership. Typically, the feed industry does not make advance commitments, but for important new sustainable ingredients companies are willing to break the pattern and commit to further improving the industry’s sustainability results.

"Skretting's expertise and attitude have been impressive. Witnessing how well they understand their customers' needs and how we can contribute to serving those needs has been inspiring. We look forward to a long-term partnership, creating a large-scale impact together", says Jarna Hyvönen, Chief Commercial Officer at Volare.

Long term partnership

Skretting and Volare envision this collaboration as the initial step in a long-term partnership. Volare already has an operational demonstration facility in Finland and will start delivering ingredients to Skretting in 2024. Volare will commence the construction of its first large-scale factory in 2024 and plans for multiple factories across Europe by the end of the decade.

Press contacts:

Jarna Hyvönen: +358 50 530 2965

Leif Kjetil Skjæveland: +47 907 68 952

About Volare

Volare is a Finnish science-based company developing and deploying technology to turn food industry side streams into sustainable insect protein, oil and fertilizers on industrial scale. Volare’s products replace unsustainable alternatives and make the food system circular. Volare was founded in 2021 and will start building the first industrial scale plant in 2024 to Southern Finland.

About Skretting

Skretting is the global leader in providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry. Skretting has production facilities in 18 countries, and its 3,800 employees manufactures and delivers high quality feeds from hatching to harvest for more than 60 species. The head office is located in Stavanger, Norway.

Erling Johansen and Mette Lütcherath from Skretting and Tuure Parviainen and Jarna Hyvönen from Volare visiting Skretting’s trial station together in Norway in September 2023.

Erling Johansen and Mette Lütcherath from Skretting and Tuure Parviainen and Jarna Hyvönen from Volare visiting Skretting’s trial station together in Norway in September 2023.