Press release / 15 March 2023

Finnish pet food company Dagsmark has launched an insect-based cat food with Volare’s protein

Volare has begun a new collaboration with Dagsmark, a Finnish company specializing in sustainable and high-quality pet food using locally sourced raw materials. Dagsmark is bringing a new insect-based product for cats to the market, marking the first time Volare’s circular protein is used in cat food.

Dagsmark and Volare logos

“I think every cat owner is aware how picky eaters our feline friends can be, so using Volare’s protein in cat food is a big milestone for us. We now have a seal of approval like no other as the most critical taste-testers have approved our product’s taste and quality,” says Volare’s CEO Tuure Parviainen.

Dagsmark's new cat foods Dagsmark GEPARDI and Dagsmark PUUMA will feature Volare's insect-based protein along with locally sourced chicken. This combination of protein sources provides cats with a healthy and balanced diet while also offering an environmentally sustainable option for pet owners who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

“Cats are hunters and carnivores, so we’re highly aware that they rely on nutrients found only in animal products. Finding sustainable alternatives for these nutrients is very important to us – by replacing even a small portion of a cat's diet with insect-based protein or locally-sourced chicken can have a big impact on their paw print,” says Janica Finneman from Dagsmark

Volare’s insect protein is made from black soldier fly larvae that uses food industry side streams as their nutrition, solving the issue of food waste while producing environmentally friendly protein and oil. By incorporating Volare’s protein into their cat food, Dagsmark is able to bring their product’s circularity to a new level while still ensuring that it has all the right nutrients.

The products will land in selected stores during March.