Volare is building the world’s leading refining platform for food industry side streams.

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A high-value refining platform for food industry side streams.

Our aim is nothing less than to solve the global food system - to stop waste, and to help realize true circularity. We designed Volare from the get-go to be scalable. Both in plant size and facility count.

Our growth comes from where the food industry operates. The closer our plants are to the food manufacturers, the smarter. The bigger the share of their side streams we can process, the more ecological. And the bigger our size and number of plants, the more economical.

When 50 percent of arable land is used for food production it’s no longer a question of who eats what. We are running out of arable land. At the same time, protein demand is expected to double by 2050. Current sources will not be able to cover the need.

Our demonstration plant is fully operational, and already serves customers in aquafeed and pet foods businesses, providing ingredients for targeted product launches and industrial testing. The year 2023 will see us start building our first industrial-scale plant. Already on the drawing board, the plant will scale up our production capability by a large factor.

The Volare platform is primed to expand massively beyond protein, oils and organic fertilizer. To turn more side streams into ultra-sustainable ingredients for a wide range of industries. Food, medical, textile, oleochemical and aviation industries – welcome to a sustainable future!

The global food system is broken. We will help solve it.
This is just the beginning.

What next?

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Volare's journey and plan

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Our background

Volare is a spin-off from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The founders came together while researching an ultra-efficient way to keep nutrients in the food chain – with the help of the black soldier fly. Volare’s varied research background is in all things circular economy, not limited to insect economy but also including energy technology, biogas and even emerging fields such as novel foods.

The concepts and technology developed in research now forms the backbone of Volare’s process — using food industry side streams. Volare’s team of engineers, agronomists, operators and researchers are building on decades of experience to create a truly circular future for the food industry. The original Volare plant is already in operation and serving customers in aquafeeds and pet food business.

Now in 2023, the first industrial scale plant is ready to be built.

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